A few months ago, we huddled up in the Lange Group lair and put on our brainstorming hats.

    • We talked about our feelings.
    • We talked about your feelings.
    • We talked about the lack of inspiration in this business.
    • We talked about why we were different.
    • We talked about art.
    • We talked about emotion.
    • We talked about the market.
    • We talked about what we were going to DO about it.














    We thought our jobs as agents in this business were all about the properties. We realized that we were wrong. It’s not about architecture and square footage. It’s about you. The sellers and the buyers.

    It’s our job to find YOU what you are looking for whether that’s a buyer or a property.

    We realized that what we really do is connect buyers and sellers. The properties are just the medium.

    We realized what we were going to do to stand out. We are here to help you. We’re not here to sell houses.

    Ok, that’s probably not exactly true. We do want to sell houses. We want to sell a lot of them. We want to sell yours. We’ve already sold ours. In fact, in 2015 we’ve sold 22 and have 11 currently pending sales. But as important as those results are, we are in this business for the long-haul.

    For us, it’s better that we’ve gained some great, new friends and our clients’ respect. We found new homes for those same sellers and advised others on multiple, investment-oriented sales and purchases.

    Let’s give all that a minute to sink in…

    We’ve represented the most volume in multi-million dollar real estate sales in Park City while building successful, long-term relationships.

    How can we help you get out of the cycle of talking and into the action of doing?

    We want our 2016 numbers to overwhelm our 2015 numbers. Will you be one of our success stories?

    We want to sell your house. Do you?


    Will, Matt & Katy



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