Embarking on a plan to build a new home can be exciting and exhilarating, as well as time-consuming and overwhelming. If you have ever considered starting from scratch to build your perfect home, now is the time to start lining things up for a spring build in the Park City area.

    One of the most critical aspects of building is allowing enough time for the process. Building a home is not a process that happens over a few weeks or even a few months. It is not uncommon to need between 9-18 months (or more) for a construction project.

    Phase one starts with selecting a lot, which can be a vacant lot or perhaps a home that you plan to rebuild or completely renovate. At times to gain the desired location, you may have to focus on the latter. The Lange Group can help you navigate your options in Park City and the surrounding areas to build your dream home. Some of our listings include incredible land in the greater Park City area, including lots at the exclusive Wolf Creek Ranch.


    While it may seem simple to pick a lot and start building, you will need to keep in mind not only location, but also what you desire to use the lot for. Are you looking to build a home with a guesthouse or barn? Need land for horses? Land can have restrictions of what you can build, so work closely with your realtor to find a spot that will fulfill your needs.

    During the initial phase, you may also want to interview builders and architects to establish a preliminary design, as well as a budget. Although you can do this after lot selection, in order to optimize what you would like to build, it might be best to have a preliminary design plan and cost estimate. The more information you have up front, the less risk of problems later. What you may think is the perfect lot may not be so perfect if you can’t build what you want on it.

    When it comes to selecting a builder and architect, your realtor can also help. In the Park City area, another great resource is thePark City Area Home Builders Association. The PCAHBA offers a comprehensive list of contractors, from master builders to interior designers, to contractors who handle everything from kitchens and baths to flooring and landscaping and everything in between.

    Not sure the exact style of home you are looking to build? Once you select a builder, you might also interview interior decorators. They can help give input on the layout, room size, and lighting – both natural and artificial. All these items will need to be established in the initial phase. Since this is one of the biggest investments one can make, why not use all of the resources you can?

    The initial steps can be the most difficult, but once the location and initial design are established, the fun – and waiting – begins. While you will spend time selecting exterior and interior finishes, the builder will be working with you to get all construction permits in place to get going on the actual build.

    If you can knock out these items over the next few months, you will be well on your way to breaking ground once it thaws. The decisions will become smaller, and the details will fall into place. With the help of a great team of professionals, the home of your dreams can become your reality.

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