While mountain contemporary design may not necessarily be ‘new’ it continues to evolve and find itself within Park City and the surrounding areas.

    We’ve been in the real estate business for a long time, which means we’ve seen design trends come and go and merge and meld. We saw some we love and some we loved a little less. We believe design trends in the mountains tend to follow nationwide patterns, but with a slight adjustment to account for the natural setting. While mountain contemporary design isn’t necessarily ‘new’ it continues to evolve and find itself within Park City and the surrounding areas.

    If you browse our current Lange Listings, you’ll notice a few of these trends emerging.

    1057 WOODSIDE AVENUE – We may be biased on this one, but we think Katy and husband Ryan did a fantastic job renovating this historic miner’s cabin. One of the things we love most about modern mountain contemporary design is the convergence of the outdoors and indoors in an entirely organic manner. We love the light airy feel of this miner’s cabin combined with modern furnishings that honor the natural surroundings.

    597 DEER VALLEY LOOP – Our most modern listing, 597 Deer Valley Loop marries modern architecture with a combination of contemporary, rustic furnishings and décor while inviting you to celebrate Park City’s beauty through windows, windows, and more windows.
















    THAYNES CANYON WAY – This listing is an excellent example of trends merging and melding, but we love some of the contemporary features such as the layered lighting, open floor plan, modern kitchen and the smooth, clean geometry featured in the home. It’s hard not to enjoy the natural atmosphere with those floor-to-ceiling windows in the family room.

    3364 BUCKBOARD DRIVE – A family home that doesn’t sacrifice style in exchange for space. This Pinebrook home shows how thoughtful upgrades change the look and feel of a property. Once again we see floor to ceiling windows, a sophisticated kitchen and a connection with the outdoors.

    If you look at the above listings, you may notice a few other trends we have yet to mention. Paint color is kept light and fresh allowing the homes artwork and interior furnishings to remain the focus. Kitchen tables are modern, but rustic reminding us of the mountain environment in which the homes are all located. Lighting is layered and warm rather than sterile and harsh. Kitchens are a combination of stainless and natural materials once again melding nature with indoors.

    Rustic mountain cabins will always have their place, but we are loving the current trend of lighter, fresher interiors that maintain respect for nature while celebrating indoor spaces and togetherness.

    What trends are you currently crushing?

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