You don’t have to take our word for it. Major publications such as Outside Magazine, Forbes, and Ski Magazine have been saying it for years. Living in Park City is like no other. We’ll happily tell you about our ski resorts, golf courses, events and our neighbors as just a few of the things that set Park City apart. If you are considering a purchasing a property in Park City, we have a few suggestions to ensure you love it hear as much as we do.

    Research before you move. It’s important to understand the culture you’re joining. Do research online and find out about school systems, neighborhoods, parking, weather, public transportation, and laws that are native to that area. If you can, visit a city before moving and connect with someone who’s lived there before.

    Get involved. Take the initiative. If there are things you liked to do in your town, find ways to do those things in the city. Try new things. Volunteer. Park City offers so many opportunities to engage other people, so find what you like. In Park City, we love our second homeowners just as much as our full-time residents. Don’t be intimidated if you are only a part-time resident. Our non-profit organizations are always looking for help and love new ideas. Jump in.

    Be in the know. Read the Park Record. Listen to KPCW. Take a hike. Take in some art. Oh, and when you get hungry, we have a fewrestaurants to satisfy your palate.

    For a town the size of Park City, we live and play big. You are going to love living in Park City.

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