We’ve been taught not to talk about politics and religion since before we could talk; yet here we are putting it out there on the interwebs–airing our dirty laundry so to speak.

    Sorry Mom, this is blogging. We can’t stop. Won’t stop.

    Earlier this month, Park City residents voted in local elections. At stake were three City Council seats and a controversial School Board Bond.

    Let’s ease into it with the City Council Election – Six candidates fiercely fought it out for three seats. We’re kidding. It wasn’t fierce at all; it was civil and courteous.

    In our opinion, it was a race between five with the sixth providing the humor. Unfortunately for you, we can’t tell you who the funny one was. That wouldn’t be very nice.

    In all seriousness, we give a hat tip to each of the candidates. Throughout the campaign season, they each proved themselves worthy of city leadership and gained our respect (even the funny one; humor has its place in local government, right?).

    We look forward to Park City’s continued growth under the council-elect members Andy Beerman (incumbent), Becca Gerber and Nann Worel.

    Now for the controversy: the School Board Bond – Park City is growing. Quickly. With growth comes growing pains and currently our students are feeling the growing pains in their classrooms and facilities.

    Based on current projections, the School Board appointed a Master Planning Committee to study the situation and propose a plan for moving forward. After ten months of study, the committee proposed a plan. As far as we can tell, the School Board made some changes to that plan and adopted a resolution for a special bond election held on November 3, 2015.

    The voters said no loudly, with 3,001 against and 1,944 in support. There were strong opinions on both sides. (Things didn’t remain quite as civil and courteous on this one.)

    Now what? Well, we wait.

    We wait and see what the school board comes back with. We’ve all tasted defeat before…it’s not very tasty.

    Our hope is that Park City students will be rewarded with a stronger proposal next year that receives overwhelming community support.

    We’ll keep you updated on upcoming local politics. We advise you to pay attention; it’s important.

    Whew, that wasn’t too bad. We didn’t tell you for whom or which way we voted. We like to play nice in the sandbox. Our Moms taught us that too, and we aren’t going to break two Mom rules. Not even for you.


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