Once the snow melts, Park’s City’s famed ski slopes transform to world-class bike trails, offering over 400 miles of wooded trails. The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) calls Park City, Utah, the highest rated mountain biking destination in the world. Thankfully, local companies have sprouted up to help these trails become accessible to all levels of mountain biking enthusiasts (beginners we’re talking to you).

    Years ago, the thought of becoming a mountain biker was alluring but carried a certain level of mystique and fear. The unknown has a way of partnering with fear. Thankfully, as a recent Park City transplant, I quickly learned of the numerous offerings in Park City to turn the unknown into the known allowing me to become a life-long mountain biker.

    As an adult, I opted for a lesson taught by the experts at Deer Valley’s Mountain Bike School. You may have heard of the many accolades Deer Valley’s Ski School receives but have you ever considered a mountain bike lesson from the same patient, skilled instructors. We started the lesson in the parking lots gently rolling over obstacles and even trusting our bikes to a set of stairs. Once we proved we could navigate the parking lots, we took off to the mountain where my passion was born. Deer Valley’s Mountain Bike School caters to adults and children of all levels.

    Young Riders, Park City’s youth mountain bike program, specializes in introducing children to mountain biking and fostering their passion for the activity. Young Riders offers weeklong camps or once a week programs for both  local and visiting Park City youth.  The local nonprofit organization introduces children to the joys of mountains after the snow melts while teaching trail etiquette, mechanical and technical skill with ongoing lessons in environmental responsibility and the benefits of fitness.

    Summit Bike Club founded in 2012 with the mission of educating junior athletes about the skills, safety and sportsmanship of mountain biking. With programs for the aspiring junior mountain biker to the adult looking for a group to ride with and clinics to help further their mountain biking development. The Summit Bike Club provides the opportunity for mountain bikers of all levels to further their love and education of the sport.

    What sets Park City apart from other mountain destinations is the community programs available to residents, second homeowners and visitors. As I mentioned above, I had long aspired to become a mountain biker, yet in the mountain community I lived before moving to Park City the only way to approach the learning process was with friends and/or faking it until you make it. Once I moved to Park City, I was surrounded by opportunities to safely learn a new sport while rounding out my mountain town fun. As I’ve increased my experience level, there are multiple opportunities for me to continue to grow with the sport. I’ve only briefly scratched the surface of the community programs available in the Park City area and haven’t even touched on the many, many summer days filled with joy, astonishment and self-accomplishment courtesy of my mountain bike and miles and miles of wooded trails.

    If you’ve ever wanted to become a mountain biker, take a mountain bike ride through your favorite ski slope in the warmer season or even introduce your children to the sport of mountain biking, I encourage you to take a deeper look into the community offerings available in Park City. One day you may find yourself entering one of the many endurance events in Park City such as the Park City Point 2 Point or perhaps traveling to the French Alps to take part in the legendary Trans Savoie like Matt did last August.


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