Retail therapy is probably one of the best “treatments” you could ever be prescribed with. Even better if you live in an area with fun, boutique shops that offer things you can’t find in your regular, old Nordstrom’s.

    Or maybe you don’t need therapy. (We’re realtors, not psychiatrists.) Maybe you just bought your dream, vacation home in Park City and you realized that you don’t have anything to fill it. At the absolute, bare minimum, you’re going to have to sit your ass down at the end of the day.

    Luckily, when it comes to clothes, jewelry, or home furnishings, there’s not exactly a shortage on Park City’s Main Street. We have a few tips to help you figure out exactly where to start. You are welcome.

    shop til drop

    Photo credit: Historic Park City

    Clothing & Shoes

    There was a time when the clothing options on Main Street were a little limited. If you wanted fudge or chocolate covered apples, you’d have no problem finding it, but clothes? Cute clothes? Yeah, those weren’t so abundant.

    Fortunately, Park City has remedied that situation with the addition of shops like Gorsuch, Flight Boutique, Olive & Tweed, Prospect, Hilda’s, Mary Jane’s and Cake Boutique. In any one of these stores, you’ll find cute clothes and shoes that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

    Of course everyone wants the thing that no one else has, but sometimes you also want the thing that everyone else has like your favorite Lululemon pants, Marmot jacket or North Face parka. You’ll find those on Main Street too.


    When it comes to jewelry, there’s never one style that suits everyone, but one stroll down Main Street and you’ll definitely find at least one store that has what you’re looking for. Park City Jewelers, Woodbury Jewelers, OC Tanner, and Baranof Jewelers are all really good places to start especially if you’re looking for high-end jewelry or watches.

    While we’d all like to think that every occasion merits diamonds and Rolexes, unfortunately, they don’t. Southwestern Expressions,Pine, Southwest Indian Traders, and Crosby Collection carry a great selection and variety of jewelry whether you’re looking for the perfect piece to go with a certain outfit or even if you’re looking for gifts.

    Home Furnishings

    We recommend looking through the shops on Main Street to see if they have the furniture, lamps, rugs, and artwork that you need to make your home in Park City into the relaxing, retreat you want it to be. A few good places to start are Root’d, Elegante, and Southwestern Expressions.

    Or you can go just a little bit further to see if you can find what you’re looking for at Right At Home. They sell high-end, consignment furniture, so if you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind, you should start here. The hunt is half the fun anyway.

    When it comes to the artwork that’s going to transform your bare walls and your home, there are simply too many options and too many opinions. We are by no means going to be the ones to tell you what’s good and what’s not. (Again, we’re realtors. Not museum curators.)

    One of the best ways to experience the galleries on Main Street is to go to one of the monthly gallery strolls. You can get a good idea of which places sell which styles and decide for yourself what pieces will make the impact you want. Let’s be real honest here, nothing will ever bypass the skiing when it comes to “reasons people come to Park City (to visit or to live)”, but shopping is always in the top three. And if you really can’t find what you’re looking for, Salt Lake is 20 minutes away.

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