It’s been a busy summer for Park City real estate. If you are selling a home or your home is sold and going to close soon, it’s time to prep for the big day. It’s never an easy process, whether you are headed just around the corner or across the country.

    You may be thinking of taking on the task yourself, but always at least contact professional movers in your area and get a few estimates. Moving is a huge job, and hiring a professional could just be some of the best money spent.  Always remember there are different services that you can try to eliminate, such as packing or unpacking, to reduce costs.

    A large expense in the process is the cost of packing materials. . Keep in mind as you are packing up to move out, each and every day people nearby are unpacking after a move and are left with incredible amounts of extra boxes and wrapping.  Check to see if your local recycling center has any available, or check local listings and online ads.

    As you start packing, make sure you only pack what you plan to use. Moving is the best time to donate items to charity, send things to recycling, and dispose of any waste. Check your local landfill about proper disposal of old electronics, batteries, light bulbs, paint, or any other potentially hazardous materials.

    If you are using a professional mover to pack you up, have your house in good order and be ready for their arrival.  Remember this always: the way you leave it is the way it will be packed. Movers move at lightening speed. The junk drawer with a cluttered mess of items? It will be packed up just like that, wrapped up in paper, and your junk drawer will be emptied out in the same mess you left it. Always pull valuables, medications, keys, and important documents aside to travel with you before they end up at the bottom of a box. It’s not a bad idea to backup your computer before it’s unplugged and bring the hard drive with you as well.

    IMG_3018-2-300x225It can be an overwhelming and exhausting process, but the more you chip away at it on the front end, the easier it will be.  If you don’t know where to begin, start by organizing closets, cabinets and drawers and getting rid of items that haven’t been used in years. You won’t miss them, you won’t be paying to move them, and it’s less to unpack.

    Don’t forget to leave a cabinet or box in the house with anything that should not be moved, and mark it clearly for the movers. This should include house keys, garage door openers, manuals and warranties for appliances.  Anything that is staying with the home – built in television, central vacuum parts, or shelving, must be labeled. Otherwise, it will end up on the truck.

    Many buyers also appreciate leftover paint to touch up, and any replacement tiles or materials for the home should anything need to be fixed or replaced. Ask your real estate agent to check with the buyers.

    Lastly, while it isn’t necessary, leaving any other contact information for the new owners is always appreciated.  Contractors that took care of the home during your ownership, neighbors that they can reach out to, cable, television and phone services used, along with your forwarding address.

    Good luck with your impending move, and we wish you a smooth transition into your new home.

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