Buying and selling real estate is about so much more than finding a home you love and making an offer. Once you are under contract for a property there are several tasks that must be completed to make sure both parties are protected. One of these tasks tends to be a home inspection.

    Home inspections are meant to protect buyers from buying a home with unknown issues. Your home inspector will visually inspect the structural elements and systems of the home, typically including the foundation, roofing, exterior surfaces, porches, electrical systems, plumbing systems, doors and windows, heating and air conditioning, ventilation and fireplaces. Following the inspection, your inspector will provide you with a professional, easy to read report that will allow you to make decisions on moving forward with your real estate endeavor.

    We’ve found, in certain situations, it can be beneficial for a seller to hire a home inspector before putting their home on the market. When you put your home on the market, you want to get the highest possible amount for your home, and you don’t want any surprises to come from your buyer’s inspection. Conducting a pre-listing home inspection will allow you to price your home accordingly while minimizing last minute expenses during the home buying and selling process. Redstone Inspector’s Matt Stouffer advises homeowners to consider a pre-listing inspection for several reasons, including the opportunity to be in control of any needed repairs. When problems are discovered during the buyer’s inspection you often have no control over how and when or who conducts the repairs.

    7932506788_68b31b00f5_z-300x200While not critical, home inspectors tend to recommend their client accompany them on the inspection, so the inspector is able to explain any possible issues. Home inspectors are able to recommend contractors to assist with any home repairs that may come from the inspection.

    Your home inspection, whether as a pre-listing preparation or for a home you are purchasing is an opportunity for a trained professional to inspect the home and help you to understand any potential issues you may miss in the excitement of finding your dream home or preparing your home to list.

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