How many Realtors do you know? Too many is not an acceptable answer. Now, how many good Realtors do you know? How do you know they’re good? While we may be plentiful in quantity, quality often sets us apart. A home is usually your biggest investment so choose your advisor (Realtor) not because of the picture on the bus bench, but because of the way they work and the quality of their results.

    At the Lange Group, we often go the extra mile. We set your expectations with the unexpected. At the Lange Group, it’s not an agent / client relationship but a friendship.

    How are we different?

    Open Houses. Yes, Open Houses are a big part of how real estate is bought and sold. We believe the best way to have a listing sold is to invite and entice other agents to fall in love with your listing. Our recent Open Houses have included lunch, adult beverages, prize giveaways and more. Why? We know all agents are busy. We want them to want to see Lange Listings when they hit the market.

    Client Events. As we mentioned above, our client relationships are closer to friendships than business relationships. We enjoy getting together with all of our friends, which include both our clients and partners. Recently, Lange Group friends were invited to a 4th of July parade party hosted by Gallery MAR. Party attendees were able to enjoy the parade with a catered Brunch, air conditioning and the best view on Main Street.



    Results. The best open houses and client events don’t add up to much without the closed transactions to follow them up. The Lange Group delivers results like very few others can. In some areas of Park City we have represented more than 25% of all transactions for more than a decade. We know how to price, stage, market, show, and sell homes better than almost anyone else and that leads to more closings at better prices.

    At the Lange Group, we use quality to set us apart from the quantity. It’s the little things that make the difference. Contact us to learn more what sets us apart.

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