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    Writers far better than myself have penned spectacular quotes on the topic of art. So much of what drives each of us is inspired by art, for good reason.

    In Park City, we are fortunate to have a thriving art community, particularly for a town of our size. We have venues designed for performing arts and scores of galleries to quench our needs for visual arts.

    Perhaps most important is the Kimball Art Center, a center dedicated to fulfilling the artistic needs of the Park City community. A center committed to engaging individuals of all ages in diverse and inspiring experiences through education, exhibitions, and events.

    The Kimball Art Center has long been a transformative anchor of the Park City community, serving as an unofficial welcome center to the Historic District for nearly 40 years.

    Recently, the Kimball Arts Center underwent a transformation of its own as it migrated from the downtown district to the emerging Bonanza Park area.

    Considered by many as a misfortune, the Park City planning commission’s refusal to approve the Kimball’s innovative plans for development resulted in the Kimball having to make a hard decision to relocate.

    In true artistic fashion, the art center has created beauty in an otherwise average building. The new center located along Kearns Blvd. is at this time only temporary, yet it functions well and serves its purpose. Both art aficionados and novices alike are able to fulfill their needs and desires for an artistic touch in life.

    We encourage you to stop by the Kearns Blvd. location and explore the new center. There is plenty of parking and now the location will soon serve as home to Park City’s favorite sandwich shop, Uptown Fare.

    Change is inevitable. Let’s learn a lesson from the Kimball Art Center and make it beautiful.

    Image courtesy of the Kimball Art Center
    Image courtesy of the Kimball Art Center

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