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    Vacationing in Park City, UT is a dream come true for many people, while living there is the ultimate goal for numerous others. Ever since being put on the map for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics, the region is flooded with guests year-round, as well as real estate investors either looking for a new place to call home or seeking out the perfect vacation property. Whatever the case may be, the mountain town is now as desirable as they come, which is reflected in the way several of the homes, condos, and build sites quickly get snatched up as they become available on the market. One especially popular area to buy in for those who don’t necessarily want the seclusion that comes with owning right on the mountainside is Old Town. This historic section of Park City is teeming with life and beauty among its various subdivision neighborhoods, as can easily be seen with Copperbottom Inn Park City real estate for sale. Click below to learn more and to schedule your viewing of one of our Beautiful Copper Bottom Inn Park City properties! And don’t forget the other amazing neighborhoods in Park City!

    More Information About Copper Bottom Inn Condos

    Type of Real Estate an Property Values in the Copper Bottom Inn

    Copperbottom Inn is a building made up of 32 condominium units with one bedroom each. At 600 square feet, property owners can expect a cozy space that has likely been remodeled since the complex’s construction in 1980. With an exterior reminiscent of a European style, the units fit nicely into the Old Town vibe. The property values for Copperbottom Inn in Park City linger around $250,000, making this a very economical option for real estate buyers. This is especially true when utilizing a condo as a vacation rental. The centralized positioning of the complex makes units easy to fill with renters no matter the season.

    Reasons to Buy at Copperbottom Inn

    The condos at Copperbottom Inn offer an elevator on site, indoor hot tub, sauna, and fitness center. The location here is ideal, being only a mile away from Park City’s plethora of downtown dining, shopping, grocery stores, and entertainment choices. It’s a short walk or free bus ride away from all this, as well as the Deer Valley Resort lodges. There is also a restaurant conveniently right in the same building, which happens to be a local favorite.

    Surrounding Area

    Aside from being only minutes away from Park City’s Main Street, Copperbottom Inn also provides quick access to the Egyptian Theatre, Park City Museum, and Park City Golf Club. The Copperbottom Inn condos are a great investment opportunity in Old Town for second and full-time homes. Contact us today for more information, and to procure the services of the best real estate agents in Park City!

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