All You Need to Know About Hiking in Park City, Utah

    Park City, Utah is renowned for being a gorgeous destination year-round, from its powdered mountain peaks and steep slopes in the wintertime to its mild weather, lush swathes of forest greenery, plentiful activities, and spectacular displays of wildflowers in the summer.

    Take advantage of the city’s summertime loveliness by setting off on a fun and invigorating adventure through Park City’s numerous hiking trails! Read on to learn more about the wonderful sights and trails you can experience firsthand when hiking in Park City, Utah.

    The Best Park City Hiking Trails

    With over four hundred miles of hiking trails in the area, there are a wide range of trails to suit all levels of experience, ability, endurance, and age. The views from these trails are incredible, so you’ll probably want to bring a camera (and some water for the trickier trails).

    Several easy trails include Farm Trail, Round Valley Trail System (which also contains moderately difficult trails), Red Pine, Nature Trail, and Alpine Lake Trail. Alpine Lake Trail, Farm Trail, and Nature Trail are all family-friendly trails as well, with wider, paved trails and less strenuous elevation changes.

    Trails with a more moderate difficulty include Jenni’s Trail, Tombstone, Mid Mountain, Ambush, and Goldfinger. A couple of these trails, such as Tombstone, take you near the Red Pine Gondola. Additionally, Ambush, Goldfinger, and Mid Mountain are all mixed-use trails; mountain bikers and horses also frequent the trails, so you’ll want to be on the lookout and hike safely.

    Finally, if you’re an expert hiker, you’ll find that the most challenging Park City hiking trails are Holly’s, Crazy Miner, Fantasy Ridge, Wasatch Crest Ridge Connector, Silver Lake Trail, and Short Swing Trail. Before you begin one of these Park City hikes, be sure that you have a firm grasp of your endurance and abilities, with the ability to hike in and out of these trails.

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    Park City is a vibrant city of active, happy, and healthy people. It’s an ideal place to settle down and plant roots, with fantastic homes and a great community to match.

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