Powderwood Condominiums

    In Kimball Junction lies Powderwood, a community of 228 condos. The condos are surprisingly affordable for being in a city as lovely as Park City, Utah!

    Why Choose the Powderwood’s Condos in Park City?

    If you’re a young couple or first-time buyer, Powderwood condos in Park City are your ticket to a new life in a wonderful area. The condos are plenty sufficient for small-scale living, with sizes ranging from 650 to 1,050 square feet. Floor models range from one bedroom/bathroom to two bedrooms/bathrooms. Don’t let the low price tags fool you—even running between $150,000 and $200,000, these condos still offer the common community benefits of condo living, including clubhouse, pool, tennis court, covered carports, volley ball court, and hot tubs!

    A Fine Location

    Lying right near Highway 80, Powderwood is well-connected to the rest of Park City as well as to Salt Lake City, making it a convenient spot for commuters. It’s also a great spot for shopping: you’re within walking distance of several outlet stores, and not even a five-minute drive from a Wal-Mart—whatever you need to buy, it’s probably within a mile of you already!

    For many people, living in Park City is less about their own home and more about the city. That’s what makes the Powderwood’s condominiums in Park City a fine choice—it helps people of any income save up for more day trips and nights on the town! Being right along the free Park City bus route, opening up all kinds of options for excursions. Park City itself is a major treat—it boasts refreshing mountain air and beautiful views, while still offering the activities of a major metropolis, including movies, theater, museums, galleries, and more. Plus, you’re only ten minutes away from some of the greatest skiing in the United States!

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