Sometimes you want to be perched high in the mountains looking down on the valley below, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but other times you just want to be in the midst of all that is happening – close to shops, dining, lodges, and ski lifts – you want to step outside your front door and discover the hustle and bustle is surrounding you. For those times, Motherlode condos in the Old Town community are exactly what you want: of all the homes for sale in Park City, Utah, the condos in this area embody this feeling the most. Fortunately for you, The Lange Group holds the keys to your future vacation spot. Read on for more information about the Motherlode’s condos!

    Motherlode’s Condos & Homes

    The “backyard” of this community of Park City homes for sale in the heart of Old Town is snow covered mountains with brightly colored houses at its base, a picture so perfect it should be on a postcard. Your neighbors are picture perfect golf courses, theaters showcasing the best of Sundance, and that pub you visited on your last vacation. The restaurant that served the best vegetarian meal you have ever tasted is just down the road and Park City Mountain Resort and its many lifts are just a few minutes further. With a location as perfect as this, Motherlode condos make a perfect investment property. Property values can only go up as the popularity of our mountain town increases each year. Sundance Film Festival, Utah Olympic Park, and the 2 mountain resorts (Park City joined forces with Canyons, creating one massive ski complex Deer Valley is the second resort in the area) that coexist peacefully all ensure a tourism industry that will thrive and flourish long after any of us are still around!

    Your Homes

    Classically elegant with warmth not often discovered in big city homes, the Motherlode condos celebrate their proximity to historic Old Town with small flourishes such as stained glass windows, wood floors, and massive stone fireplaces perfect for staying warm on a cold winter night. The homes might not be as large as their mountain counterparts, but the rooms are large and spacious enough to hold multiple beds comfortably, factors investors consider before buying a rental; more tenants in one home allows them to ask for higher rents. Modern touches, granite countertops, state of the art kitchens, and deep tubs perfect for soaking aching muscles ensure potential tenants won’t dismiss your vacation rental as too “old fashioned” and pick another rental over yours.

    Find the Best Real Estate Listings in Park City With The Lange Group

    Whether you are interested in a house high on the mountains or a home in the midst of Old Town, The Lange Group has the experience and knowledge to ascertain the home that fits you perfectly. For information on homes in the Motherlode of Old Town or any other luxury Park City homes for sale you may be interested in, explore our website and discover what The Lange Group has to offer!

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