Park City, Utah Events

    Between its gorgeous natural sights, its fascinating place in American history, its endless opportunities for athleticism, and its vibrant, upbeat atmosphere that deigns it as a booming, up-and-coming place for people from all walks of life, there is a seemingly infinite list of activities and events in Park City at all times.

    For sports and leisure, you can head to the mountains, no matter what time of year. Winter snow not only sets a picturesque scene that belongs on a postcard, but also brings on the season of the extreme sports like skiing and snowboarding that first put Park City on the map. As the weather warms up in the spring and summer, mild temperatures make laid-back pastimes reemerge at the forefront of everyone’s minds, like fishing and hiking.

    However, despite how central Park City’s mountains are to its livelihood, hitting the slopes is not the be-all end-all of life in Park City. As a historic mining town, an Olympic town, and an annual host of the Sundance Film Festival, Park City is steeped with an intriguing past and a pioneer’s spirit that carries it forward into the future. There are always a slew of events in Park City comprising attractions to visit and activities to do.

    Below, you’ll find the latest and upcoming Park City, Utah events; check out the list and see if anything strikes your fancy!

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