Renting In Park City

    At The Lange Group, we are often asked about the process of renting out Park City, Utah homes. Many investment properties have been specifically acquired as Park City homes for rent, while others are simply single-family homes that owners wish to rent out.  Depending upon your individual case, there are several things to keep in mind.  There are few special cases involved with renting in Park City that may need your attention, depending on several factors, including the location of your rental, and whether you intend to rent long-term or nightly.


    If you are considering using your property as a nightly vacation rental, there are several ordinances and licensing regulations that you should be aware of.  If the property is regulated by an HOA, you should ensure that nightly rentals are allowed.  Contact your HOA board or check your CC&Rs for all regulations involved with renting in Park City. Properties within Summit County must apply for and receive a commercial business license.  Within Park City proper, you will also have to apply for a nightly rental license.

    Property Management

    After receiving the proper licenses, you will then need to consider whether you want to manage and market your property yourself.  There are several websites that owners can advertise their vacation properties, such as VRBO.com.  In the case of self-management, you will be responsible for all maintenance and turnover services between guests.

    Many property owners have found it in their best interest to use full-service property management companies.  These companies offer, for a fee, a full range of services that can make nightly or long-term rentals much easier.  They will take care of all proper licensing, tax remittance, and maintenance.  Additionally, these companies often use a network of marketing venues to get your property in front of potential guests.  Property management companies are very beneficial, especially to property owners who do not live in the area.

    Park City Property Experts

    At The Lange Group, we can offer you help and advice to guide you on your journey to renting in Park City.  In addition to being very knowledgeable about buying and selling Park City Utah homes, we are also very experienced in both the vacation and long-term rental markets.  If you want to invest in Park City homes for rent, we can help you find homes or condos that will suit your budget.  Finally, we can help you select whether you want to self-manage your properties, or we can help you find a property management company that can oversee your rentals.

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