Silver Creek is a lovely family friendly community just a few minutes’ drive from the city itself. This area features wide open home lots with plenty of space to spread out. You will enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and vistas in this equestrian friendly community. Read on for more information about Silver Creek real estate!

    The Surrounding Area

    The Glenwild Trail System is adjacent to the Silver Creek community. Head outdoors and become one with nature while hiking or biking with family or friends. Park City is a 15-minute commute by car, while the popular Kimball Junction is just 10-minutes away. At both Kimball Junction and Park City, you’ll find shopping, dining, and entertainment.

    Residents of Silver Creek enjoy a feeling that they are far from the chaos of the bigger cities, and they are at home in their country retreats. The Silver Creek community is known for its friendly and rural atmosphere. You can find yourself enjoying the views, while your neighbors are riding their horses down the nearby roads and trails.

    Silver Creek real estate includes:

    • Space – homes in this area feature wide vast spaces to sprawl out and play. Most Silver Creek properties feature more than two acres of property.
    • Panoramic Views – of the mountainside and breathtaking sunsets are common here.
    • Remote – the vastness and location of Silver Creek makes it feel isolated, even though you’re just a mere mile or so from the heart of town.
    • Affordability – buy vacant land for well under $200K, or go as far up as $1M 

    Types of Silver Creek Real Estate

    There are a variety of Silver Creek Properties on the market, including:

    • Equestrian Silver Creek Properties – prospects with a penchant for horse riding can purchase properties with prebuilt horse barns or construct one of their own.
    • Vacant Land Lots – buy a vast expanse of land to call your own, and build a sketch to realize the dream.
    • Single Family Silver Creek Townhomesbudget friendly Silver Creek homes for sale.

    The most popular communities in Silver Creek include Forest Meadows, Pine Meadows, Knob Hill, Goshawk Ranch, Tollgate and many others. Silver Creek homes for sale in these communities can be purchases at a variety of price points. If you seek a feeling of rural seclusion, privacy, and peace, the Silver Creek community may be just what you are looking for. 

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