The Lange Group enjoys a significant market advantage in Empire Pass.

    In the last decade, our group has managed over 35% of all condominium transactions in the Empire Pass area.

    • Significant presence and success in the Empire Pass Community
    • Over the past decade there have been 330 condominium sales in Empire Pass creating 660 transaction sides. The Lange Group has handled 107 of the sides or 32.4% of ALL condominium transactions in Empire Pass.
    • We have represented 81 total sellers out of the 330 transactions mentioned above or 24.5% of the selling side market.
    • During the last 12 months The Lange Group has represented the selling AND buying side on all of our Empire Pass transactions.

    In the last decade, we have represented over $400,000,000 in transaction volume amounting to about 3% of the Park City Market, this includes over 30% of transactions on Empire Pass and over 90% of transactions in Wolf Creek Ranch

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