The Newpark Hotel in Park City

    Ever wish you could stay on vacation? Well, with a hotel condo like the ones for sale in New Park Hotel in Park City, you can! Newpark lets you enjoy the luxuries of hotel living for months at a time. Even better, it’s a hotel in walking distance of everything you need. As properties go, you’ll find plenty to love about Newpark Hotel.

    Fantastic Hotel Amenities

    Perfect for couples or small families, the Newpark floor plans are 1 to 2 bedrooms averaging around 1,050 square feet. Each unit comes with a kitchen and its own deck (with lovely views!). Plus, living in a hotel, you get to enjoy a concierge, a pool, private lockers, a sauna, and an exercise room. For condo living, that’s hard to top! Plus, the units average between $300,000 to $375,000—a hard price to beat in such a fantastic area with such fantastic benefits.

    Perfect Placement

    Being right in the heart of the Redstone Shopping Center, the Newpark Hotel’s Park City properties bring everything you need straight to your doorstep. You can walk to the grocery store and walk back within 15 minutes! And groceries aren’t all this plaza offers—you’ll enjoy access to restaurants, shopping, movies, bowling, and more! Plus, it’s right next to a Park City bus stop—you could enjoy a fantastic, active life here without even owning a car!

    That bus stop gets you access to a lot, by the way. The fabulous ski slopes that made Park City famous are only 3 miles away, so a vehicle can get there in under ten minutes! Downtown is also much more vibrant than you might expect from a tourist destination, with restaurants, bars, theatre, art galleries, Sunday markets, and plenty more to full a schedule with fantastic new experiences with each excursion.

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